Fun Productive Activities You Can Do On the Weekends


Weekends should be fun and exciting, right? If you are having trouble finding something to do, might I suggest some fun yet productive activities?

Now I know that does not sound like a party, but trust me, it never hurts to learn something new. Some of the fun things you do on weekends can be productive activities. They improve your skills in dealing with personal or professional matters in your life.

Here is a list of activities that will make your weekend fun and productive at the same time.

Be Productive And Read On Your Downtime


You may have shelved the idea of reading over the weekend, no pun intended. If you’ve just graduated from school, you’re probably even less likely to pick up something to read. All the required reading from your classes might have left you a little burned.

But don’t forget that reading can be a fun and productive activity. Not only does reading increase brain function, but you can take this time to read things that you’re actually interested in and that you might want to learn more about.

My tip to you would be to explore nonfiction books that cover topics you’d like to become more informed on. Reading articles from legitimate online sources is also a great use of your time. So instead of watching a re-run of your favorite TV series, just try to open up a book and gain some more knowledge.

Learn and Practice a New Skill On the Weekends

Just because school is out doesn’t mean your education is over. Become a lifelong student and practice new and productive activities. Have any dreams of travel? Learn the native language of your travel destination. Need a creative outlet? Enroll in a pottery course.

Not only will you gain a new skill set, but you’ll also get the chance to meet other people and reach beyond your comfort zone.  Do some research and find productive activities that really speak to you. Many areas offer local programs at little to no cost to you so be sure to take advantage.

Master the Art of Cooking While You’re At It


If ordering pizza or Chinese food is a frequent occurrence, you might want to reevaluate your diet. Use the weekends to practice your cooking skills. You’ll have more time to test out new recipes and flavors you’ve never tried before.

As an added bonus, you’ll have complete control over what you’re putting in your body. This is perfect for those that are trying to eat healthier. There are many great tutorials and recipes online that are free to use. Try out some techniques with friends and family and in no time, you’ll become a skilled cook.

Start Writing in a Journal for Creativity and Organization


Many people think that only teenage girls keep journals. But many successful people like Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, and Oscar Wilde kept journals.

Writing in a journal can be very therapeutic. It gives you a chance to reflect on the week that has passed. You also meditate on your life and create some clarity of vision on where your life is headed.

By writing in a journal, you can pinpoint on areas you are doing well and areas that need improvement. You are the author of your life. There is no better way to steer yourself in the right direction than having a journal to keep track of events in your life.

You’ve Worked Out Your Mind, Time to Workout Your Body



Many of the productive activities we’ve mentioned so far all deal with improving mental stimulation and brain function. Now it’s time to focus on giving the proper attention to your physical health as well.

For most people, working out doesn’t seem all that fun. But there are ways that you can be physically active and still enjoy yourself.

Enroll in an interesting workout class, like kickboxing or self-defense. This sounds a whole lot more fun and productive than just running on a treadmill. Yet, if running is something you’re interested in, I recommend signing up for a unique 5K run.

Final Thoughts on Our Fun Productive Activities You Can Do On the Weekends

Don’t let the weekend pass you by with all you have to show for it is hours just lying in your bed.

Do something that will improve your personal or professional skills. Something that gives you new energy for the week ahead.

Having fun over the weekend does not mean leaving out productive activities. Ensure that you let go this weekend, have fun and learn.

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